Catalog - Proline® Giant, G-100 & G-150 Chalk Line Reels

Proline® Giant, G-100 & G-150 Chalk Line Reels

G-100..w/100 ft string PRICE..$25.00..4 Lbs.

G-150..w/150 ft. string PRICE..$45.00..5 lbs.

These are the Big Mouth Chalk Boxes by Keson. ..***old style in 2012, a new decale same box..

Have woven cotton string.
They have a large rubber grommet for filling, which works GREAT.!! The G-100 and G-150 have the same fill opening.

The G-100 works great with one person, it's small and fits the hand for those small handed workers. Extra great for shorter lines. It's my favorite for small jobs. The G-150 holds lots of chalk.   Right now these two are the only chalk boxes on hand. If you are choosing for the Starter Kit.

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