Catalog - Combo #4 - 4 Items

Combo 4

Combo #4/#5: Choice of 4 0R 5 Items.

Choices make up pricing. Choice of 4 or 5 Items.

4-Items-#4- *A BF, A Pre-Marked Tape & 2-Items-..$15.00 off, total price. 

5-Items-#5-*A BF, A Pre-Marked Tape & 3-Items- $25.00 off total price.

Call for information. 970-482-0049 (colo.) OR e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

EXAMPLE: 1.*A Big Foot Layout Tool. 2.Chalk Box your choice. (ammo box not included) 3.*PMT-Pre-marked Keson Extrude Fiberglass Surveyors Tape, 200 ft. or 300 ft. Inches or Tenths, yourchoice of 4 stalls. (maybe one of each). 4.Radius/Angle/ 5.Circle ToolA 35'/25', Hand Held Tape Measure, FREE w/order.  Want a catalog?? Call: or e-mail.

*required purchase

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