Catalog - Combo #3 -- 3 Items

Combo 3

Combo #3--3 Items

Choices make up the price. Total of 3 items.

A Big Foot & 2 Items. $10.00 off. & Free Manual by request !!

Call for information. 970-482-0049 (Colo.) 7am. 7 days

A Big Foot Layout Tool, your choice of Chalk Boxes, (ammo box not included), 1 or 2 Pre-marked Keson® Extrude Fiberglass Surveyors Ropes, (PMT) (Your choice of 4 stalls on ea.). A Radius Tool, Etc.

This is a good start-up package. It can hold down the price for someone that's just starting up and has to work alone.

<<----- Suggested items:  A BF & A Pre-Marked Tape (PMT), A G-100 Keson Chalk Box (AS Shown).

This would make a great package and with these tools could do just about any size job. It's more than I could even find when I started in 1969. I had lots less when I laid out my first S/C.

Need help with selections..or ideas..OR a catalog...Call me...970.482.0049,                                               e-mail: bigfootlayouts@

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