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Pre-marked tape

To save countless hours of layout time, Big Foot Layout Tools offers a pre-marked surveyors tape. It's made by Keson® Tools. This tape is 1/4 inch wide, almost 1/8 inch thick, coated in clear vinyl for excellent durability**. Stall markings are marked on both sides, so you don't have to fight the tape to keep it right side up. The Keson tape comes in two measuring units: Inches or Tenths of a Foot. email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Hint: if you do a lot of changing of stalls, new layouts, some more stalls than original or less. If you use the tenths tape you can use a minimal function calculator, to do the calibrations. That way you won't to go back and forth from inches to tenths.   If you don't have one ask and I'll send one with the order. Saving a lot of time.

If you are just starting up and don't know the stalls sizes in your area. Before you call in your order, measure some stalls in your area, both straight in and at an angle. For angle stalls, measure straight across the the stall (90`between lines) and along the curb between the lines.. If you still don't know what I'm asking, Call or email and I'll send you a diagram of what I'm saying !!


I have to clarify stalls on the tape and why just 4(maybe-5).I have put 5 on a tape. It's hard to find that 5th color. The sun does it's work on the tapes. Colors fade.

I had a customer ask for 8 marks on a 300 ft. tape. I don't think they thought through what it would be when he unrolled the tape. There would have been 251 marks on the tape. 9-8 marks each 10 ft. I couldn't find enough colors that wouldn't look like each other after a while. he wanted: 8', 8'6", 9', 10' @ 90° & 60°. (60° marks,- 9'3",9'10", 10'5", 11'6"). I suggested 1-tape w/ 90°stalls, and 1-tape w/60° stalls. That's with the 2 tape special $10. off each tape.

Marking a tape with so many marks would be very time consuming.

So, I'm going to put a price on extra marks. beyond the standard: $10.00 for each extra set for a 200 ft. tape. And $15.00 per extra set for a 300 ft. tape.


I have 2 new single marks on the tapes. One at 20'9",PURPLE. One at 22' BROWN.

These marks are for setting a quick 60°angle. They depend on what the dimension is "out from curb". (18 ft. or 19 ft.)  Make a couple marks out from the curb 18 or 19, snap a quick chalk line, across both marks. Layout your stalls for your 9' @ 60°( 10'5"). Put "0" on your second stall mark and hold 20'9" PURPLE, (if @18'), draw an arc over the chalk line. You should have a 60° angle. If it's out 18', use 20'9", if it's out 19', use 22', BROWN. This sets your stall on the isle.

Note: 22' will be BLACK, second stall, if you have 9'6" @ 60° (11') Remembering these stall lines (I hope)will speed up the layout.

It comes on a cord reel (reel colors will vary) for easy roll-ups and storage. I recommend just having 4 stalls per tape. There is no need having a stall mark on a tape that you don't use. That's the way other tapes come, with several dimensions that you'll never use. Put the stalls on that you use. Some never use the 8'6" stall or the 45 degree stall. I've been putting on 9'6" and 10 ft. stalls both in 60 and 90 degree, on lots of tapes. I've put just one stall on a tape, because they did a lot of night work and just wanted one mark to find.. Made a lot of difference just to look for one mark at night!

If you have different stalls that you use once in a while, may I suggest, buying a 200' tape with just those odd stalls on it.

I help layout two NEW Walmart stores, one had 10 ft. stalls @ 60° and the other had 9'6" stalls @ 60°. Also the tape colors will fade with the ultra violent rays and it's not going to stay "WHITE". And to many stalls are hard to find in the early A.M. and the late P.M.  So I use the  Permanent Markers, that way you can clean the tape and refresh the markings as needed. I used a nonabrasive cleaner, and remarked each of my tapes, each spring.

You can have any stall, any angle. If you order early a.m., I can ship next day. 970-482-0049 mtn. time.


Inches, & Tenths of a Foot

Available Lengths:

200 ft. - 300 ft.

Markings for Tapes:



@ 90°: 8.5 FT., 9 FT., 9.5 FT., 10 FT.

@ 60°: 9 FT., 9.5 FT., 10 FT.

@ 65° , 70°   ???? (any measurment, your choice)

Colors for Stall Marks: BLACK, GREEN, RED, BLUE

Now you can have the stalls you want on "YOUR" tape. Any Size, Any Angle you choose.  You could order two tapes and have different stalls on each tape. Maybe two tapes, 90 degree on one and 60 degrees on the other. You don't have to have 4 stalls. Maybe one stall for night work. Custom markings for warehouse-pallets, truck-RV parking etc.

IDEA: (!?!?!!?) I have some 165 meter tapes (330') that i ordered for foreign countries that never developed. They make a very good guide for painting long lines. you'll never use them for layout, so doesn't matter if they get paint on them. I would price them at $50. or with a reel $60.

Tapes come ready for "hook-up" to the Big Foot. Or a "hold-on-strap" for person holding tape.


200 ft. - $110.oo....5 LBS.

300 ft. - $120.oo....7 LBS.

SPECIAL: 1-200 ft. and 1-300 ft. Your choice of stalls. Maybe different stalls on each. Maybe one in Inches and one in Tenths of a Foot. If you have one of each, you will use the 200 ft. 75% of the time. A lot more convenient, you don't have to drag the reel around with you !!!!!

A 2015 SPECIAL.. 1 EA. (1-200 & 1-300), YOUR CHOICE OF STALLS ON BOTH.. $200.00 (save $30.00)

**These tapes are for layout only. They don't stretch, and won't hold any body or two people tuging on them, pulling a weight around, especially when it's extra HOT. The colors will fade, they ARE in the sun all day. I always cleaned my tapes in the spring with a mild solvent and remark all the colors that needed it. "Hint" I did have several tapes break with lots of layouts. When this happened I used them for a line to follow when painting long lines. They take a wind pretty good and lay flat. Plastic doesn't last forever. Take care of your tools and they will make you money.

call: 970-482-0049 or email-  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


If call early A.M. (Colo.) can be shipped next day.

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