Catalog - KL1810-200 or 300 Fiberglass Tapes

KL1810-200 or 330--200 ft./330 ft. Fiberglass Tapes

Price:..200' - $20.00,  300-$45.00


KL-300 has the Features of the KL1810

Printed on both sides:

One side in Ft./Inches - White

Other side in Ft./Tenths of a foot. - Yellow

These tapes are of the highest quality and ON SALE!!

These tapes can be marked with the stalls that you want !! $15.00 EA. 4 Salls Max. 200 FT. $20.00 EA. FT.

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Measuring Tapes and Wheels

Please select Measuring Tapes and Wheels from our catalog menu above.

We offer:

  • KL1810-200 or 300--200 ft./300 ft. Fiberglass Tapes

  • RR-18 Roadrunner w/ Paint Applicator. Measuring Wheel with Kick Stand

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Catalog - Combo #4 - 4 Items

Combo 4

Combo #4/#5: Choice of 4 0R 5 Items.

Choices make up pricing. Choice of 4 or 5 Items.

4-Items-#4- *A BF, A Pre-Marked Tape & 2-Items-..$15.00 off, total price. 

5-Items-#5-*A BF, A Pre-Marked Tape & 3-Items- $25.00 off total price.

Call for information. 970-482-0049 (colo.) OR e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

EXAMPLE: 1.*A Big Foot Layout Tool. 2.Chalk Box your choice. (ammo box not included) 3.*PMT-Pre-marked Keson Extrude Fiberglass Surveyors Tape, 200 ft. or 300 ft. Inches or Tenths, yourchoice of 4 stalls. (maybe one of each). 4.Radius/Angle/ 5.Circle ToolA 35'/25', Hand Held Tape Measure, FREE w/order.  Want a catalog?? Call: or e-mail.

*required purchase

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Catalog - Combo #3 -- 3 Items

Combo 3

Combo #3--3 Items

Choices make up the price. Total of 3 items.

A Big Foot & 2 Items. $10.00 off. & Free Manual by request !!

Call for information. 970-482-0049 (Colo.) 7am. 7 days

A Big Foot Layout Tool, your choice of Chalk Boxes, (ammo box not included), 1 or 2 Pre-marked Keson® Extrude Fiberglass Surveyors Ropes, (PMT) (Your choice of 4 stalls on ea.). A Radius Tool, Etc.

This is a good start-up package. It can hold down the price for someone that's just starting up and has to work alone.

<<----- Suggested items:  A BF & A Pre-Marked Tape (PMT), A G-100 Keson Chalk Box (AS Shown).

This would make a great package and with these tools could do just about any size job. It's more than I could even find when I started in 1969. I had lots less when I laid out my first S/C.

Need help with selections..or ideas..OR a catalog...Call me...970.482.0049,                                               e-mail: bigfootlayouts@

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Catalog - Starter Kit

Starter Kit

How about a "STARTER KIT", everything of what will help you tackle "ANY" project...              9 Items...!!

Price:.$360.00..48 lbs,(as shown)plus S/H Save over $75.00 !!

  • The kit will include:
  • 1. 1-Big Foot --($125)- w/manual
  • 2. 1-Pre-Marked Tape (your choice- 300'-$120;200'-$110, IN. or Tenths).
  • 3. 1-Chalk Box (your choice) --($45/$20) (NO Ammo box)
  • 4. 1-Radius Tool/Chain Gang --($75) w/RCGT-Manual
  • 5. 5 lbs. White Chalk --($12)
  • 6. 35/25 ft. Hand Tape -- free ($10)
  • 7. 4-pcs. Hand RR Chalk/Lumber crayon -- free ($5)
  • 8. "Can I Help"-Layout Manual --free ($25)
  • 9. Radius Layout Manual -- Free ($20)
  • Lots of drawings, hints, charts, pictures, 2- site plans for practice take off's. RT/CG comes with it's own directions, that has the new way of 60 degree radius layout. --free ($20)  Total..Reg.Price........ $435/$405 ??

Prices can vary on choice of items.

Call I'll help with choices... 970-482-0049  OR

email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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