Big Foot Layout Tools

Big Foot Layout Tools is dedicated to bringing you the layout tools that save you both TIME and MONEY! My custom tools have been sold all over the U.S., Canada and in other parts of the world! We're located in beautiful Ft. Collins Co.

My name is William "Bill" Feldman and I would like to thank you for visiting my web site. I’ve recently made some changes on certain items. ALL MADE IN AMERICA... Some prices changes, it's been 10 yrs. since any major price increases. Biggest change is on the Radius Tool and the Chain Gang. Combined into one tool, that price has been reduced by $40. I've changed the Website some what, trying to make it a little simpler. So, Please call if you have any questions.

I designed, laid out and painted lots for over 30 years. Started in 1969-2002. Working most of the time by myself. I designed these layout tools to make my work more efficient, and to keep my company small. So the tools are designed to enable you to work alone. Or maybe with one other person or the extra person can finish the layout (snapping chalk lines) and you can start painting. I believe you will find whatever you need to make your job easier, and perhaps even something you didn’t know existed. Question ??? Please Call me: 970.482.0049 (Colo.)... Maybe, I'll learn somthing !!

If you have any suggestions or questions on my Website, PLEASE tell me!! I want it to be customer friendly. I look forward to serving your needs and trying to answer your questions. Sometimes I can e-mail a picture/drawing that can answer a questions.    Thanks again for the visit.

E-Mail Address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Want a catalog?? Call or E-mail me.

Thanks, Bill

(This map is from 1992-2003. There are about 300 more pins to add.)


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